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Rick believes your wealth management strategies and financial plans should be created based on your unique needs and personal objectives.

Rick Holbrook founded Holbrook Global Strategies with one key objective: to help investors achieve consistent growth in their investment assets by profiting from a wealth of investment opportunities on a global basis.

Rick manages funds for clients across a wide variety of investment objectives. Ranging from conservative income-oriented objectives to growth oriented global strategies, Rick works to help his clients achieve their specific investment goals. Whatever your objectives, Rick can help you. 

Holbrook Global Strategies offers you several key competitive advantages.

  1. A broad range of asset classes under analysis. All investment asset classes go through bull and bear markets. Having a wider array of asset classes under analysis enhances the firm's ability to position your assets into those that our research indicates offer the best potential. On an ongoing basis, Rick analyzes opportunities in the U.S. stock and bond markets, the overseas stock and bond markets, as well as tangible assets such as real estate, precious metals and commodities. His driving passion is to position clients into the best areas to help them achieve their investment goals.

  2. Access to the best investment managers in the country. Once Rick has selected the most promising asset classes to invest in, he determines the best way to invest. Sometimes a low cost, tax efficient index fund is preferred. In other cases, Rick selects from among the best managers in the nation with a particular expertise in that asset class.

  3. We are committed to help you meet your investment goals. Investment strategies are tailored to meet the needs of each client. With access to a wide range of asset classes, and to the best money managers in those asset classes, the firm is a leader in innovative and value added approaches to investment management for successful high net worth individuals.

"My charge is clear", Rick explains. "I'm trying to find the best opportunities in the world to help my clients achieve their investment goals. This is a passion for me, and a responsibility I take very seriously."

E-mail Rick Holbrook for a free, no-obligation consultation. When it comes to your future, you need to take advantage of the full range of investment options you have to achieve your objectives. Get answers to your questions and find global solutions that are as sophisticated as your needs and goals.