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Rick and his wife Cindy have been married since 1985. They have three daughters, Natalie, Melanie, and Lindsey.

Rick Holbrook doesn't fear the bear. Nor does he worry about the bull. No matter what happens, he's confident. With a quarter-century of experience on his side, Rick has seen his share of market ups and downs. It's a big world, he notes: There are always investment opportunities somewhere. Rick's focus is to find the safest opportunities for growth and preservation based on his clients' unique needs and goals.

Born in Japan, Rick has always had an international perspective on life and business. As an investment advisor, he uses a global approach to find a wide range of investment opportunities - in the United States and abroad. "This work brings me great satisfaction," says Rick. "First, I strive to understand my clients' unique needs. Then, I find the best investments on a global basis to meet those needs. Having a global scope gives me a wider range of investment opportunities with which to help clients reach their goals."

"My investors know I respect and care about them," says Rick. "Client service is a high priority for me. One of my mottos is: Take good care of the client while we take good care of their assets." Rick is active in his community and church. He's a caring husband and father who works tirelessly to help families find security and independence. 

Rick graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University. He earned his MBA from Stanford. He has a wide variety of experiences in the investment management industry, including managing a top-rated international fund, where he honed his global perspective. As a global asset allocation strategist for a major Bay area firm, Rick allocated and managed more than $1 billion in private client assets. Rick has been widely recognized in the press and was featured in Business Week and Money magazines as an expert on global investing.